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• IAAP: International Association for Analytical Psychology  www.iaap.org

The IAAP is the international organizing body for professionals engaged in the practice of analytical psychology. Standards of training, practice and ethical conduct are required for its members and institutions. In addition, the IAAP promotes the study of analytical psychology and body of knowledge through its Congresses held throughout the world.

• IAJS: International Association for Jungian Studies  www.jungianstudies.org

The IAJS was founded to promote and develop Jungian and post-Jungian studies and scholarship on an international basis. The IAJS is a multidisciplinary association dedicated to the exploration and exchange of views about all aspects of the broader cultural legacy of Jung's work and history of analytical psychology. Through the development of Jungian and post-Jungian studies, the IAJS aims to aid the understanding of contemporary cultural trends and the history of psychological and cultural tendencies.

• Inner City Books  www.innercitybooks.net

Inner City Books has over 100 authoritative works on many themes, all promoting the understanding and practical applications of Jungian psychology, and all written by Jungian analysts.

• ISAPZurich: International School of Analytical Psychology Zurich  www.ISAPZurich.com

The ISAPZurich was established in 2004 under the authority of the Association of Graduate Analytical Psychologists (AGAP), a Swiss domiciled association founded in 1954 with some 650 members worldwide to date. The ISAPZurich offers various programs of study including a Diploma program, Continuing Education, Public Lectures and Counseling.

• The Journal of Analytical Psychology (JAP)  www.blackwellpublishing.com

The JAP is an international journal out of London that publishes clinical and theoretical articles, book and journal reviews, and a correspondence section reflecting international developments and current controversies in analytical psychology and Jungian thinking.

• The Jung Society of Washington (JSW)  www.jung.org

The JSW is an educational membership society open to all who are interested in learning more about Jungian psychology. The Society, formerly known as the Washington Society for Jungian Psychology (WSJP), offers educational programs and publishes a twice-monthly newsletter.

• The Jungian Society for Scholarly Studies (JSSS)  www.thejungiansociety.org

The JSSS was founded in 2002 by a group of academics seeking opportunities for scholarly discourse on analytical psychology, focusing on research and theories of Carl Jung and the post-Jungians. It has recently established an academic, peer-reviewed, electronic journal, "JUNG: The E-Journal of the Jungian Society for Scholarly Studies."

• Parabola  www.parabola.org

Parabola is a quarterly journal on the subject of myth and tradition. Every issue explores one of the facets of human existence from the point of view of as many of the world's religious and spiritual traditions as possible, through the prism of story and symbol, myth, ritual, and sacred teachings.

• The Philadelphia Association of Jungian Analysts, Inc. (PAJA)  www.cgjungphiladelphia.org

The PAJA is a professional organization of certified Jungian analysts that offers public and professional programs in Jungian Psychology.

• The Philemon Foundation  www.philemonfoundation.org

The Philemon Foundation is preparing for publication of "The Complete Works of C.G. Jung" in English and German. It is intended that the complete works will comprise manuscripts, seminars and correspondences unpublished, or formerly believed to be lost, with the number of pages in the tens of thousands.

• Psyche Matters  www.psychematters.com

Psyche Matters contains information about psychoanalytic and Jungian themes, counseling, group therapy, family therapy, infant and child mental health, myth, philosophy and spirituality, psychoanalytic bibliographies, papers and more.

• Routledge Publishers  www.routledgementalhealth.co.uk

The Routledge imprint publishes books and journals on clinical psychology, psychiatry, psychoanalysis, analytical psychology, psychotherapy, counseling, mental health and other professional subjects.

• Spring: A Journal of Archetype and Culture  www.springjournalandbooks.com

Spring is published twice a year and is organized around a theme. It offers articles as well as film and book reviews in the area of archetypal psychology, mythology and Jungian psychology.

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